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Wallball in Victoria

Here's what's happening

Message from Lydia Morgan (GDC Victoria Rep.)

Hi everyone,

3-Wall play has been scarce due to our bad luck with wet weather. We play at the Edmond Rice Centre, Amberley, on Thursday's 5pm onwards and Sundays 11am onwards. To inquire further into participating or spectating visit our “play today” subpage or email  to learn more.

4-Wall is every Tuesday 6pm at the Goodlife Centre in Wantirna and also Friday's at 9:30am if anyone is interested too. Other than that, we are on a go slow with this weather. 


Best Wishes - Lydia Morgan

Lydia Morgan - Parkmore Primary School

Lydia Morgan with help from Ben Gill and Reno Zaffino have been on a mission to introduce our exhilarating sport to the young and curious minds of Parkmore Primary School. Through their tireless efforts, they have been conducting engaging and informative classes, imparting valuable knowledge about the game and inspiring the students to have a great time playing it.


Their dedication to teaching the nuances of Wallball to the young students has been nothing short of remarkable. With their guidance, the students have developed a keen interest in the sport, eager to learn the ins and outs of this exciting game.


Thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of Lydia, the classes at Parkmore Primary School have become a fun-filled activity and learning experience, providing an opportunity for students to not only develop their athletic skills but also foster a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork.


Lydia’s passion for Wallball and her commitment to sharing it with the next generation is truly admirable, and her efforts are sure to inspire and motivate young minds for years to come.

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