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School Wallball Program

Our Wallball Program...

Wallball Australia presents an exciting 3-week teaching program for students, designed to foster the development of essential motor and sensory skills, all while engaging in the thrill of learning a dynamic and emerging sport! As part of this enriching experience, our program features the guidance of one of our premier players, who will skillfully introduce the students to the fundamentals of wallball. Moreover, we encourage and celebrate self-expression within a welcoming and inclusive environment that ensures active participation from all.

At Wallball Australia, we firmly believe in the boundless potential of wallball, and our vision for its bright future hinges on the passion and dedication of the next generation of players and enthusiasts. By participating in this unique program, students will not only embark on an enjoyable sporting journey but also become an integral part of shaping the future landscape of wallball.

Join us as we pave the way for a thriving wallball community, where the joy of learning and playing knows no bounds, and where every individual finds a place to shine!

One Wall


  • The ball can only bounce once before you hit it and you can only hit it with one hand. The ball must hit the front wall and stay in the lines of the court.

  • You can use both your left and right hands to hit the ball but only 1 hand at a time.

  • You can only score a point on your serve.

  • You must serve and win the rally before you score a point.

  • When you serve you must hit the ball past the service line, if it doesn’t make it past the service line, you get another chance to serve the ball, if unsuccessful a second time, it’s a handout and your opponent gets to serve.

  • If you hit the ball out past the sidelines, that’s an immediate hand out and your opponent gets to serve.

  • There may be times whereby your opponent hinders your view of the ball, this is a play it over situation, so serve the ball again.

  • 1 Game to 11, whoever gets to 11 first is the winner!

1-Wall Handball is a fast paced, highly skillful, hugely entertaining, and fully inclusive game. Speed, agility, endurance, flexibility, and bilateral coordination are all aspects of this beautiful ancient game. Most of all, you will have the best fun and make many friends.



School Program Registration

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