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Simon 'Mappa' Fitzgerald

Accolades & Accomplishments 


Australian Open Doubles

- 1997

Australia A Doubles

​- 2009


Australian Team Selections

- 2008

O'Connor Cup Champion

​- 2004

- 2005

- 2006

- 2007

- 2012

Australia A Singles

​- 2015

Australia A Doubles

​- 2016

Australian Masters (40+)


- 2024


Australian Masters (40+)


- 2009

- 2010

- 2011

Simon Fitzgerald

Simon ‘Mappa’ Fitzgerald is best known for his off-the-court influence for Wallball in Australia, demonstrating tremendous passion and care for our great game. Off court accomplishments include his Executive Director of the Australian Handball Council position, Presidency of the Victorian Handball Association, Presidency of the New South Wales Handball Association, Secretary position of the South Australian Handball Association, and a Member of the World Handball Council. Yet, with all this off-court excellence he still found time to win titles and get recorded in the history books, with some of his proudest achievements being his 3 4-Wall Masters titles and his 2008 Australian team selection. Thank you Simon for your greatness, on and off the court. 

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