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J.P Baggio

Accolades & Accomplishments 


Australian Open Doubles

- 2010

- 2015

- 2016

- 2017

- 2018

- 2019

A Singles

​- 2010


2010 Liguria Italy Representation

- 2010

World Championships Representation

- 2012

- 2015

Jean-Paul Baggio

Jean-Paul Baggio is a tremendous right hand killshot player who has specialised greatly as a complimentary partner for Eesa Dotsenko. The duo conquered the mid to late 2010s, winning 5 straight 1-Wall open doubles titles between 2015-2019. JP has also been the face and representative of the New South Wales Wallball scene, being head of directories for NSW and a member of the Game Development Committee. Baggio is known for throwing himself around the court, he’s a scrappy player, he gives 100% every game and always holds his head high. A class act is Jean-Paul Baggio. 

Some of my favourites matches have been losses funnily enough!

2.5hour+ Open Doubles Final in Sydney 2011, partnering with Grantley Fraser, we lost 11-7 in the third, losing to Serg & Jim... still one of my favourite matches ever. Then afterwards, having to play an A singles final that finished 21-20... I lost, and omg my blisters!

2 fun facts about my experiences with Wallball include...

- I'm the only player ever to have played a pennant game for every club in South Australia. 

- My first ever O'Connor cup game was for South Australia, I partnered with Rob Schreiner and we     bet Jack & Glen Marsh which was huge upset and a game I remember well.


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