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Borys Potiuch

Accolades & Accomplishments 


Australian Open Doubles

​- 1979

O'Connor Cup Champion

​- 1973

- 1974

Australian Team Selections

​- 1979

SA Open Singles

​- 1981

SA Open Doubles

​- 1974

- 1979

- 1980 

Borys Potiuch

Borys Potiuch, a former Open Doubles Champion and AHC Hall of Fame inductee. Borys was known for his aggressive and highly skilled play style. He was an exceptional serve and kill player, meaning he would serve the ball and look to finish the rally with a kill the next shot after his opponent’s return. 

Potiuch was also known for his incredible touch and finesse, often using drop shots to outsmart his opponents. His style of play was highly unpredictable and he was known for his ability to improvise and come up with unconventional shots to win points.

Borys was also a highly competitive player, being a torn in the side of opponents through his best years. However, his aggressive style of play, combined with his exceptional shot-making ability, helped him become one of the most successful Wallball players in Australian history, with an Open Doubles title in 1979 and numerous other championships to his name.


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