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Bernie Newport

Accolades & Accomplishments 


Australian Team Selections

- 2008 (Captain)

O'Connor Cup Champion

- 2004

- 2005

- 2006

- 2007


Australian Masters (40+)


- 2009

- 2010

- 2011

Australian Open Doubles (BB)

- 2023

Bernie Newport

Bernie Newport is a Australian Wallball player from Melbourne, Victoria who is known for his 4-Wall abilities. Newport is a ultra talented player who has been admired and watch by fans for many years now due to his stylish and fluid playing style, which generates great highlights and killshots. 

Newport’s biggest strength is his ability to hit a variety of shots. He has a useful serve, which he can hit with both pace and precision. He also has exceptional shot making abilities, if it’s off the glass back wall or straight on.


Newport is also known for his confidence, he is a brilliant shot maker and most importantly he knows that he is, he has the upmost amount of confidence every time he steps on court.

Despite his many talents, Bernie has struggled with injuries throughout his career, and has sometimes been held back due to these setbacks. However, when he is playing at his best, he is a formidable opponent for any player. 

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