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SA State 1-Wall Titles

Published by - Robert Winter

Congratulations to Brodie Winter in organising and then running the SAHA State 1-Wall Championships over the last two Saturdays – a job well done.

Finals Day started with rain just before the first game…. It was then very windy and showery throughout the afternoon…. then it finished with rain during the last game and throughout the afternoon, the players battled on magnificently to ensure the games were completed.

Tournament Results
Open Singles

Brodie Winter and Ben Gill measured up against each other in the Final and early in the first game Ben was up and running and trading shots with Brodie with the battle pretty even. However, Brodie seem to lift the pace of the game playing some great shots both in passing and flat that knocked Ben off his rhythm and it was Brodies Final from then on.


Brodie Winter def Ben Gill 21-8, 21-2

Open Doubles

The combination of Brodie Winter and Ben Gill was too strong for Ryan Muldrew and Connor Walker in the Final of the Open Doubles. The game had a great number of competitive rallies of a high standard which was not reflected in the final score.


Brodie Winter / Ben Gill def Ryan Muldrew / C Walker 21-4, 21-7

A Singles

In an early game Ben Gill defeated Connor Walker in a A Grade Semi-final to win his way into the final to play Dylan Skurray. In the final it came down to the cool, confident style of play of Ben Gill up against the wham, bam of Dylan with the ‘old head’ Ben coming out on top.


Ben Gill def D Skurray 21-7

A Doubles

The winner of the A Double Final before it started was very hard to select a winner but the combination of Ryan Muldrew and Antony Donato was much more cohesive with both players in good positive form as compared to Ben Gill and Dylan Skurray who did not really gel and consequently found it hard to compile points.


R Muldrew / A Donato def B Gill / D Skurray 21-5

Super Master Singles (50+)

Over the last couple of years, the Donato v Bugeja over 50 Singles games have really been ‘Battle Royals’ as both players take no prisoners when they play each other. Last year it was a 21-20 battle going Donato’s way.

And so, in 2022 they face up in the final once again –

From the start Adrian had the upper hand was confident, loud and in control. Antony was a bit dumbfounded how to handle the situation. Adrian score line was the first to reach double figures with Anthony sitting on 4 points. But the tide turned when Anthony laid a flat butt on one of Adrian’s deep serves and then then there was the controversial ‘hinder replay’ awarded to Antony which Adrian ……. did not agree with. From then on Anthony got the upper hand and went on to win the game. Once again, a great hard-fought game from two great competitive players.


A Donato def A Bugeja 21-12

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