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Wallball Australia's History 

A welcome and introduction to it all, what this page will detail (stats, records, history etc).

Each of the boxes above link to an individual page that'll contain historic context and data of that game; so therefore this frontpage doesn't solely discuss an individual game (1, 3, or 4 Wall) but all of them together as one big history lesson (where you'll discuss all that below the image below).

if you want to use another image or video let me know or you can replace it yourself if you know how

IMG_2540 copy.jpg

Big talk about the history and heritage

This is where the big history lesson takes place. This section here is for you to do your magic.

So this area here is similarly to the 100 years of handball book, but not solely discussing 3-Wall but 1-Wall and 4-Wall also. In the book you did a 'Handball Reflection' and the subtopic / chapters

'Handball Muscularity & Irish Migration', 'Walls & Wagers', 'Brothers Playing for Virtue' etc. Maybe experiment with that idea again as its easier for readers to read in chapters rather than one long spill.

If you need results my Pa has everything you'll need.

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